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A minusOverall Rating

Crowded and smelly

I was a little worried about the park based on the location we were driving in. However, was pleasantly surprised by the front desk attendant as she was very nice. The pleasantness was short lived as we proceeded to our site. Oh my gosh; it’s mostly full timers living there and the trucks parked partially in the street made it the most difficult path to our pull thru. It was so crowded and cars everywhere. Lot was a good size; so that was good. All gravel which was not good when the rains came that night! Apparently many cats pee in this gravel because after the rains, the smell of cat urine made my eyes water inside my RV. I had to wear my mask to bed as I could not stand the smell. Got up as early as I could and left right away…… no need to hang out to continue to smell it. Will not be back.
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