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Trinity River Resort and Rv Park


Climate and altitude: Our park is at 1950 ft. with summer weather usually hot and dry (85°+) with lows in the 60s. Cooler at higher elevations. Fall days are mild and warm, with cool nights. Winter is when most of the rain falls (55°+ inches) turning to snow in the high elevations and sometimes a sprinkling at our level (30s-60s). Spring weather is variable with many pleasant days.

Lewiston Lake, 5 miles long, is just a mile upstream, and is an angler's paradise. The cold water year-round supports Lewiston Fish Hatchery, the world's most automated salmon and steel head hatchery - you can take a self-guided tour. The lake is great for both fly anglers and bait fishering because of its excellent trout population. And the peaceful waters invite a canoe ride.

Neighboring Trinity Lake (with Trinity Dam) is the third largest lake in California, with 145 miles of shoreline, offers warm water (80 degrees) that's great for water sports. It holds the state record for small mouth bass.

Historic gold-mining towns of the 1850s. Our own small town of Lewiston is a quiet reminder of the 49er days. Thirteen of the original buildings line the street of this former stagecoach stop. You can visit the county's finest antique shop in the mercantile, and numerous other shops including arts and crafts. Be sure to see the one-room schoolhouse, and the miner's old bunk house.

Nearby Weaverville (the county seat), also dedicated to preserving their rich history, has the area's finest museum. And to mark the large immigration of Chinese at the time, check out the Chinese Taoist temple of worship. A state park now protects this important monument that represents early California settlement. Shop for antiques, check out the art center, and take a self-guided walking tour of the old Victorian homes and town buildings. The grocery and pharmacy still operate in the original buildings!

If you've got the "gold rush" bug, there's an abundance of gold mining relics, antiques, gold mines, wash mills and assorted ruins. And there's still gold in "them there hills!"

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