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Permits and Passes

2022 Annual Boat Launch Pass

Rate: $25.00

Pass is valid for the summer of year purchased

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2023 Annual Membership Pass

Rate: $200.00

The annual membership pass is used for unlimited day access and includes one vehicle pass and a magnetic gate access card. Membership includes registered member, their spouse, children and grandchildren under 22 years of age. You must work for one of the qualifying groups to purchase a membership. We are not open to the public.

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Additional Vehicle Pass - Each Day

Rate: $10.00

Members must pay a $10.00 fee each day for additional vehicles.

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Boat Launch Fee - Each Day

Rate: $5.00

Day Users must pay a $5.00 boat launch fee for each day your boat is launched. The boat launch fee is included in camping reservations for each day of the stay.

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