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Americana The Birding Center RV Park


WE CELEBRATE LIFE AT THE DROP OF A HAT. Someone is always in the Kitchen and our resident chefs are more than happy to share their secrets. We throw a GREAT End of Season Party to celebrate our VOLUNTEERS! There is always a nice afternoon breeze to cool the summer heat or stroll the shaded lanes and the pool invites you to dive in. Winter activities include Spanish lessons, water aerobics, bicycling, bird watching, technology, crafts or just lounge by the pool with a good book or take a bike ride down the road to Bentsen Rio Grande State Park and the World Bird and Butterfly Center.

We are famous for our weekly jams, breakfasts and potlucks. Gather for pokeno, weekly dine-outs, and holiday parties. Or just kickback and enjoy the solitude and peaceful garden atmosphere.

We will keep you busy with planned activities everyday during the Winter! If you don't see what you want and have an idea - anything is possible. Who wants to start a miniature golf tournament? GOLFING or bicycle riding anyone! AmeriCana is home to a world renowned butterfly expert and author, wood carvers, and a scrimshaw artist. We are always looking for artisans and craftsmen who want to make AmeriCana their home and share their talents.

Thanks to all the volunteers who make the AmeriCana experience special.

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