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Spent a month here, as this was our only option while visiting family.This "not a resort" is situated in the armpit of California. It STINKS of onions and garlic and nasty smells emanating from the Merced filthy drainage ditch ( not a river on this property.) Our site A6 was so small and on the corner where everyone drive in and out of the park, we asked to be moved and were told they could not move us. THEN...we started noticing the ladybugs in the camper..10 to 30 a day. Yuck, kept killing them, and there were always more. On the day we left, we pulled the slides in and there were THOUSANDS of ladybugs living in the slides!!!!! OMG, they were everywhere. We spent hours getting rid of them, and it is now THREE MONTHS later, and THEY ARE STILL ALL OVER THE RV!!! We told the owners, their response...oh, it is the tree on the site, it attracts them. No offer to help clean it up, or help with the situation. Hello, if you knew that, why did you not take care of this. I cannot even tolerate my RV anymore as those damn bugs keep on coming out of the woodwork, no matter what we tried. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE PLACE.

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Reviewed 04/19/2017