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Enjoy Hiking, Skiing, Mountain Climbing,
Music and Moose Sightings

Remember Maine when you think of both summer and winter fun. Surrounding Pleasant Hill Campground are some of the country's most outstanding natural attractions and beautiful destinations. Rising majestically on the horizon is Mt. Katahdin, Maine's tallest peak, in Baxter State Park. Baxter is a wilderness area chock-full of hiking trails, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and spectacular waterfalls. Cool off in one of those bodies of water, fly fish, canoe and kayak. Photographers will find plenty of subjects in the many birds and animals in the area. Black bears live in the park, but are rarely seen.

Hike the mountains and forests of Acadia National Park, and explore the carriage road system on a horse-drawn carriage tour. Acadia is one of the country's most popular parks, with a full range of activities for a day or a week. See it on foot, by car, by bike or by boat. Drop by the Jordan Pond House for tea and popovers, a century-long tradition at the park. The nearby city of Bar Harbor is home to exciting nightlife and thrilling outdoor adventures. Watch the great mammals spout off on a whale-watching cruise and tour the waters by kayak or canoe. Spend some quality time in the many musems, including the Bar Harbor Whale Museum and the Bar Harbor Historical Society. Stroll along the charming shopping area for handcrafted souvenirs.

Moosehead Lake has long attracted visitors to its shimmering blue water and lovely setting. Henry David Thoreau was one of the early explorers, and a century ago the elite summered in the hotels on the shores. Today, everyone can find an activity to their liking: take a cruise on a historic steamship, go fly fishing, kayak or canoe or experience the thrill of white-water rafting. In the winter, head to the mountains for skiing, snowmobiling and ice climbing. Make sure you take a look around to spy a moose or two. 

Art and music enthusiasts will embrace the festive atmosphere in Bangor. Every year, musicians and artists from across the country gather for the American Folk Festival. In addition to performances, food vendors offer up such diverse delights as alligator bites, souvlaki, chicken marsala and deep fried mac & cheese. Concerts along the waterfront fill the night air in summer. Galleries and museums populate downtown. For a change of pace, there's the Speedway 95 and harness racing at the Bangor Raceway. Prepare your stomach for both the wildly rotating rides and irresistable temptations of the Bangor State Fair. And there's always ways to play at Pleasant Hill. Jump in the heated pool, jump up to spike a volleyball and jump ahead of the calendar to celebrate Christmas in July and Halloween in August.

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