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Hammondell Campsites


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Let Down and Confused

I am Retired Military and a combat veteran. August 2018 my son and I were visiting friends in Winter Haven. It was an impromptu visit and we had not made reservations for a place to park. We stopped at Hammondell in hopes of finding accommodations. Therewere several vacant parking spots in the front area of the campsite where larger motor homes are parked and we were parked onspot 36. We stayed one week and had an enjoyable visit. Upon checking out I inquired about making reservations for the mof February 2019. I was informed that spot 36 would be occupied by the owner of Hammondell as he always stayed at the campsite that time of year. I asked if there was another spot available close to the swimming pool that would be easily accessible for my motor home. I was informed that spot 34 was available for the entire month of February. I paid a deposite of $100.00 to reserve spot 34 for the entire month of February, 2019. I have the receipt. I called Hammondell 25 January, 2018 and talked to Sally. I informed her that I would be departing home 31 January and anticipated arrival at Hammondell 3 February. She informed me that my reservation was in order and they were looking forward to my arrival. Upon arriving 3 February I was informed by Hammondell personnel that spot 34 was occupied and that they had assigned me to another spot. It was spot 98 which was all the way in the rear of campsit. I visually inspected spot 98. Therewas no way I could physically get to spot 98 with my motor home because of sharp turns and low hanging branches. Hammondell personnel informed me that the person occuoying the spot which I had reserved was a friend of the owner and also a Millionaire and because of that I was not getting the spot, period!!! I had friends from South Dakota who had rented a house nearby at great expense. Our vacation plans were completely ruined. I cannot recommend this facility to anyone. They do not honor their word even when in writing!!!
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