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There are many activities within Pike County. Some include: in the winter; the last weekend of January-- Eagle Days at Clarksville when the American Eagles are soaring in the sky above the Mississippi River; a chili cook-off at Clarksville the first Saturday in June; Pike County Fair the last weekend in July; Bowling Green Chili cook-off in Sept; MO Championship Bicycle Races the first Sunday in August; Big River Days in September; Christmas Along the Mississippi in November; and a Church Walk in December in Louisiana.

For the Golfer, the Pike County Country Club(5 miles away) has an 18 hole course and the Vandalia Country Club(14 miles away) has a public course. For the bowler, bowling is available in Louisiana and Vandalia.

Cozy C will host an annual RV Craft Festival the first weekend in October. Included will be crafts for sale, mini golf tournament, free samples of food, and vendor demostrations. RV ers wishing to enter are encouraged to call for information. Close by activities include fishing two and half miles at the Bowling Green Lake. It has a variety of fish with blue gill, bass, and catfish being the favorite. For the avid swimmer Bowling Green and Louisiana have swimming pools managed by the YMCA for the public to use.

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