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Coleto Creek Park


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reverse table

I stayed at Coleto Creek Park about 5-7 years ago, and we stayed at site #8 thru 11 and really enjoyed that stay because alot of trees and grass and Big camping area to spread out.. Unfortunaly the last stay none of those sites were available but #14 & #12 were and they were good sites also, EXCEPT for the tables for each of these sites were Backwards, meaning # 14 table was on the back side of my camper & # 12 site was the same. I have camped at many, many sites and I have never experienced that I had to go to the back side of camper to enjoy the table, the tables are always on the Door side of the campers.. and our front door was facing #12 who we felt we were getting into their campsite with our folding chairs etc. And this could be fixed easily if a table for #12 would be placed on # 12 door side and that way #14 could use the table on the door side instead of the Back of the camper which makes it very difficult & again you feel you are getting into #12 sites when you are trying to cook and have a couple of folding chairs out at your door side of your camper..
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